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Carl Schuman Studio

Santa Fe, NM

The Art of Inner Perception

Fine Art, Originals and Prints

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About the Artist

The Art Of Inner Perception

Carl Schuman discovered what he wanted to do in life when he took a trip to Europe after finishing high school.  “I saw the marvelous Van Gogh Collection at the Kroller-Mueller Museum in Otterloo, Holland.  I was overwhelmed, amazed that someone could do something like that.”  He started painting landscapes and figure studies, but eventually felt the need to develop his own style, choosing color pencils as his preferred medium. “I evolved my own approach, a richer, deeper, more painterly approach,” said Schuman, whose favorite artists include such diverse talents as Helen Hardin, Michael Kenna, Nicholas Roerich and Vasali Kandinsky.  His new direction reflects his interest in our inner nature.

“If God is light, then we have a deeper nature than is revealed in the workaday world,” he said.  “My work is about becoming more aware of that light.  It is intuitive, emotive, not so much concerned with what is revealed by the physical eye, but by the inner eye.  I can picture something in my minds eye like you might recall a beautiful scene from your childhood.  I try to be faithful to what I perceive and it seems to flow easily”.   His pencil drawings look more like oil paintings, so deep are the blues and purples.  “How the colors evolve is very intuitive,” said the artist.  ” As far as the composition of the drawings, that involves a more intellectual process.”

Schuman’s artwork was displayed at the Venice branch of the Los Angles Public Library when he worked in the art community along the canals there.  He also showed at the Venice Canal Art Fairs during this period of his career.


Relocating to Michigan, he began a lifelong commitment to the study of yoga at  Song Of The Morning Ranch Yoga Retreat under the direction of Yogacharya J. Oliver Black,  one of Paramahansa Yogananda’s foremost disciples.   With inner perception deepening,  the artwork gained increasing attention and solo shows were held at  the retreat (1984,  Gifts Of The Spirit”, 1988, “The Land Beyond My Dreams” and 1991, “When  Silence Sings”) . In 1992, two works were selected for the permanent collection in the Sri  Satya Sai  Museum in India.

Pursuing his career in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 1994, highlights include:

  • Group  Show , Regional Standards Art Project” (1994),
  • Group Show, Gentle Spirit Gallery  (1996),
  • “Drawn From Within”, solo show, Studio Gallery (1996), 
  • “Featured Artist  Show”,   Bottler Dane Gallery (1997),
  • “Art Enlightens The Spirit”, group show, Site  Santa Fe, (1997)
  • “Upon Reflection”, solo show, Studio Gallery (1997)
  • Artist Self-Portraits, Alpha Gallery (1998)
  • “Eternal Moments in New Mexico”, solo show, Studio Gallery (1998)
  • “4 and Twenty Talismans”, solo show, Destination Gallery, Nashville TN.,(1999)
  • Shuvin Invitational Show "The 7 Wonders of the Inner World" (2008)
  • “Glancing the Astral,” Silver Sun Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2012)
  • Pulp Art Show, Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center, Covington, Kentucky (2013)
  • “In Stillness Reviled," Song of the Morning Ranch Yoga Retreat, Vanderbilt, Michigan (2014)

In 1999, artwork was selected for the permanent collection in the State Capital Art Collection, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  In recent years, several shows of the highly regarded series “The Seven Wonders Of The Inner World: 12 Views.” have been held in private homes.

Reprinted from an article by Jim White.


  • Award winning actor Alan Arkin and his wife Suzanne +

    Carl Schuman’s work speaks to a deep place within that has lifted us right up and out of ourselves. This is unique work from a unique artist.
  • Jed MacKay, Writer/Producer/Director, TVO, CBC, BBC, Toronto, Canada +

    His art is wholly original, yet embodies the highest ideals of the past, evidencing his through grounding in the theory and history of art.
  • Paul McLean, Art Critic, InReview Magazine +

    His painstakingly applied and blended layers of brilliant color push the limits of his medium. The luminous surfaces are achieved through the process, directly related to classical painting techniques, of assiduously overlaying “glazes” of color from dark to light. The result is a lustrous jewel-like depth of hue that the viewer sees in Schuman’s finished works. This formula for beauty is consistent with the artists metaphysical aesthetic, an apt metaphor for the process of enlightenment.
  • Lisa V. Werenko, Artist, Author and Poet, and Co-founder of the Earth-Day Birthday Project +

    When you come to view the work, be prepared for your own authentic experience of discovery, contemplation and awe. Be prepared to step out of the everyday commotion into the silence at the center of the work, out of the ordinary use of time and space into an amphitheater of personal reflection and spirit.
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