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Carl Schuman Studio

Santa Fe, NM

The Art of Inner Perception

Fine Art, Originals and Prints

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Drawing from Within

These drawings are inner perceptions. My teacher, Yogacharaya J. Oliver Black, said about the greatest poets, “They await an inner condition where the poetry writes itself.” I have tried in my own way to follow that - the best work seems to happen of its own accord.

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Shiprock: Nature's Altar of Power

Landscape Paintings

Within a relatively small area geographically lie White Sands, Shiprock, Canyon de Chelly, the Petrified Forest, Monument Valley, Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon and Arches. Each touches the heart and moves us to reconsider our small view for something grander.
I humbly offer my own artistic interpretations.

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Fine Art Photographs

Peace on Lake Oliver

There is a poetic essence to any place loved, and to capture that is my goal. Sometimes, seeing we see not, and the best photography allows us the time we might need to overcome that. The Divine is winking at us.

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